The book: Lights and Shadows


In this book, the photos of Nature in Lapland are combined with the psalms in the Bible. Images begin in January and end in December. The size of the book is 25 cm x 17.5 cm. There are 174 pages, 104 pictures and 81 psalm fragments. The psalms are in Finnish, Northern Sámi and English. The Finnish Psalms are from the 1992 translation of the Bible, the Northern Sámi texts from the 2019 translation and the English texts from the New English Translation. The pictures and texts are by Päivi Aikasalo and the layout is by Maiju Kallio. The book is published by Utsjoki Handicraft Oy.

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Valot ja varjot; Čuovggat ja suoivvat; Lights and Shadows