Utsjoki Handicraft products are handcrafted products in the North from genuine raw materials. The material for gifts and interior items is e.g. reindeer horn, birch, reindeer leather and birchbark.


Making crafts is my passion. The best time time to make handicrafts is wintertime and the new ideas are born in the summer.


– I started making these as a gift for friends first and gradually the activity has expanded.


UTSJOKI HANDICRAFT -products have their own store in Utsjoki, but they are also available from other northern stores. The easiest way to order products is from an online store.


UTSJOKI HANDCRAFT products are handcrafted products in the North from genuine raw materials.


The material of the products is e.g. reindeer horn, birch, rotting board, reindeer leather and birchbark. Reindeer horn is an authentic and renewable natural material. The reindeer grows new horns every year. The deer drops its horns every year after the end of the mating season in the fall and the female in the spring after calving. The reindeer horn is the fastest growing bone in the world, during the busiest growing season in summer it grows up to 2 cm per day.


The most suitable part of the reindeer horn is selected for each product. The horn is washed, sawn and sanded before it becomes a finished product. All products are unique products shaped by nature.


Curly birch is the most valuable birch species in Finland. This type of birch wood is hard and difficult to process.


The products also combine different materials. Birch, reindeer horn and reindeer skin make a cheese planer or fruit knife a unique work of art.


Please wash these valuable products by hand.


UTSJOKI HANDICRAFT -products are sold



Utsjoki Handicraft, The own shop,  Tenontie 236

Handicraft Association Šiella, Utsjoki village house (Utsjoentie 9)

Šiella summer store, Utsjoki church huts (Utsjoentie 563)

Uulan Säästö (Utsjoentie 1)



Nuorgam Holiday Village (Nuorgamintie 4401)



Karigasniemi Village house (Ylätenonti 33 a)



Karhunpesäkivi (Inarijärventie 2362)



Rinteenkulma, the shopping center (Koskikatu 25)

The latest product is stick reindeer. The reindeer keep the children moving. The reindeer horns are genuine reindeer horns and the ears are genuine reindeer fur. The real reindeer bell is ringing around the reindeer’s neck. The handle is detachable and this way the reindeer can easily travel around the world!

Contact us if you want to ask anything about the products. You can order by phone or online store.
P 23, 99980 Utsjoki

Juha Reinola
040 4156924


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