Privacy policy

The company

Nimi:                                         Utsjoki Handicraft Oy


Address:                                    PL 23

Zip Code:                                  99980

City:                                           UTSJOKI

Phone number:                        045 161 3330

E-mail address:             


Person handling register matters/Data Protection Officer

Company:                                   Utsjoki Handicraft Oy

Name:                                         Juha Reinola

Address:                                     PL 23

Zip Code:                                   99980

City: :                                         UTSJOKI

Phone number:                        045 161 3330

E-mail address:             


Purpose of the register

The personal data collected is used for:

Customer authentication and access control.

Delivering orders from registered users and maintaining and developing customer relationships.

Basis for the collection and processing of data

Customer data is collected and processed with the customer’s consent, or to implement a contract with the customer.

Data content of the register

The person’s name, email address, address and phone number.

Company name, Business ID, e-mail address, address and phone number.

Data retention period

Personal data is stored for as long as it is needed to implement the contract with the customer or to develop customer service.

Regular data sources

Data from the person himself or herself is collected in the register.

Regular disclosures and transfer of data outside the EU or the European Economic Area

The data will not be disclosed outside the company.

Rights of the data subject

The data subject has the right to check what data concerning him or her has been stored in the personal data register.